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Latest Offer Information for 1000M Fiber Broadband in October 2023

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Wondering which is the best for broadband internet access ?

Welcome to our platform, we provide you with the latest fiber broadband offer information in 2023. We have collected information from major telecommunications providers in Hong Kong, includingHong Kong Broadband, NetvigatorHGC Broadbandand i-Cable broadband, providing 1000M fiber optic broadband plans, as well as home Internet, fixline and TV services. We are committed to comparing 1000M broadband offers from different telecommunications providers, allowing you to easily choose the plan that best suits you.

On our platform, you can contact relevant professional salespersons to obtain free real-time broadband quotations and arrange for a technician to come to your home to install broadband services for you. Our services cover various housing types such as public housing, private buildings, village houses, etc., allowing you to easily arrange broadband Internet access with just one phone call without leaving home.

If you would like to compare the latest broadband offer, please contact us today to inquire. We will provide you with the most professional services, allowing you to easily choose the best broadband plan and enjoy high-speed and stable Internet experience at the best price.

   Broadband quotation service scope   

The range of home broadband inquiry includes :
public housing,private building,Village house etc.

industry Broadband query range includes :

commercial building,factory building,business center,business industry centershopoffice building,shopping mall

當你超過公平使用政策(Fair Use Policy,簡稱FUP)的限制時,會出現以下情況:

  1. 降速:最常見的情況是你的網路速度會被降低或"限速"。這意味著,即使你的套餐仍有剩餘數據,你的網路速度也會比正常時慢,這可能影響你的網路體驗。例如,視頻可能需要更長的時間來加載,或者視頻質量可能會降低。

  2. 額外收費:在某些情況下,當你超過FUP的限制時,你可能需要為超出的數據支付額外的費用。這種情況通常在套餐說明中有明確的標記,並且費用會在你的下一個賬單週期中收取。

  3. 服務暫停:雖然較少見,但有些服務提供商可能會在你超過FUP後暫停你的數據服務,直到下一個賬單週期開始。


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